Updated Ideas

Hello! I just reexamined some of my ideas from last week to sort of figure out the specifics.

iChangeYourBoneStructure Chair:

Kept it white/gray to go with the plastic-theme, which a lush red interior, to give the vibe of luxury. A few notes:

* The back is shaped like an hour-glass figure of a woman

* You sink into the chair and it envelops you entirely

* screen comes in front, which makes it so you’re closed off from everything in the area


Yam was saying that since there was a satirical element to Madame Sunny, the people could go in and come out looking worse/the same. Then I was thinking, maybe the people all came out looking like her. That way, everyone’s personal architecture isn’t their own anymore – just like Madame Sunny – so no one has their identity any longer.

Orm Progression:

I was also thinking that Orm, throughout the film could slowly look worse and more like Madame Sunny, symbolizing her internal ugliness, as well as a submission to a fake beauty. It could start subtle, but as she’s on the screen more, she’s changes slightly each time until she’s physically a completely different person by the end of the film.

See you soon!


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Zombat’s room pt.02

Fix version as Poe and Yam suggestion

and Orm corner. Still need to add more stuffs. This is a rough version. (^0^)

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another gravity theory

So the gravity would shifts around the hot and cold air that circulate through the pillar. One side would be really cold, another would be really hot. hehe.

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Thai Logo Fixed

This week I fixed the orientation of the Thai word. I tried to make it looked as similar as the English version.

Comments please!

[Fixing 5]

[Fixing 6]

[Fixing 7]

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Zombat Ortho

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Orthographic sketch

Here are some orthographic sketches for the old man zombie general.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Info about Hanuman Tattoo for Old Man Zombie

Hanuman the Monkey God Hanuman, known as the Monkey God, is the Indian deity with the biggest heart. Though his face and tail are that of a monkey, the body is human and covered with white hair. He is a symbol of devotion, not only of the heart, but to learning. His qualities of intelligence and inventiveness are said to be boundless, and no challenge in the world too difficult for him to handle. Employed as a symbol, Hanuman would inspire a person to use their power in the service of the greater good. A highly respected character in Indian, Chinese, and Thai legend, Hanuman serves as a guard as well as a soldier of God. And to Muay Thai boxers in Thailand, the Hanuman tattoo represents strength, stamina and agility, all attributes of a champion fighter.

Reference Website…


Hanuman Soong Rith ( White Magic Monkey ): In the Ramayana Indian tale, Hanuman is immortal, lucky in game and lucky in love. If you want success in life, protection from weapons and want to be lucky in love, then this is the Sak Yant tattoo for you.

Matchanu ( Semi God’s Monkey & Fish ): Matchanu is the son of Hanuman and Suwanmadcha ( mermaid ) This Tatoo looks very similar to Hanuman except if you look closer it has a tail like a mermaids. This is a popular Yant with the fishermen.

Read more: http://thailandlandofsmiles.com/sak-yant-thai-tattoos/#ixzz1GIdx5S6n
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

more info about Tattoo




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