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Human world 3D layout

the street Top view The street front view The street back view Persp: Persp: Characters’ houses Aom’s house, Zombut’s apartment and Arunya’s apartment

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Trashcan Thumbnails Human World Group

Ok,  here are some thumbnails for the Trashcan scene. They are still pretty rough though.  Let me know if this is what you are looking for, and I’ll update again.  🙂 Thanks!

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Fern_Sketch Thumbnails-Human world group

Hi, so this is Human World group meeting..we decide to post our quick sketch thumbnails on the blog.. First of all, I’ve just realized that when I was in America, I haven’t seen any walkover crossing bridge..saw only zebra crossing.. … Continue reading

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Trashcans concept 1

Sorry, I missed the upload of the trashcans, but here are my drawings anyways.  Its all really quick, but I wanted to show you what I was thinking of. Its a work in progress, sorry I wanted to have more … Continue reading

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These are three different styles I was experimenting with for Zombut. The sketches at the top left are the most influenced by the references, and then I went from there with the other sketches.

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F01, F02, F03 scenes

This might probably help you guys a little or more 🙂 I’ve taken the pages im doing. These are pictures illustrated from the book. F01: sentences from the book, Sombut’s in shock, he looks around seeing other zombies separated and … Continue reading

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