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Color palette ideas

I decided to use photographs I found on as references for the human and zombie world color palettes. Below are the two different sets of images. My idea was that the zombie world is desaturated and muted in tone, … Continue reading

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Hey Bing, sorry these are a little late for posting, but just wanted to see if these are along the lines of what you’re looking for.  Too realistic or too cartoony? Just let me know! Thanks Brett

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Bing’s Death Theory

I’ll explain my theory step-by-step. 1.) A person dies. 2.) If this person is a nobody, two reapers will come. Nobody in my word means that this person is not known by many people. Even he dies, no one cares … Continue reading

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Entrance to Human World

This is how I picture the entrance to the human world from the zombie world. The rocks are distorted and eerie, instead of jagged like rocks in the human world. I think the large rocks behind Zombat and Aranya should … Continue reading

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[Bing]‘s sketches of 3 selected scenes

First Scene: Tunnel to the Human World Like I have written in my older post, the zombie world in my vision is kind of like a desert. As you can see in the top right picture, I designed it like … Continue reading

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B01 Concept Sketches

These are some images I sketched quickly for scene B01, when Zombat goes through the tunnel from the zombie underworld into the living world. I played with the idea of Zombat falling into a tunnel or crawling into a tunnel … Continue reading

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