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Rotten Logo

I think that the text could be more developed and be more cohesive with the eyeball. but i like the eye being the ‘o’ in Rotten. It could also be the  ‘o’ in love. The type could be the veins … Continue reading

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Aranya is part of a tragic love triangle. Always in the shadows. She doesn’t show up until the zombie world. The story arc of Zombat and Aranya is one of love from afar and not having the courage in the beginning … Continue reading

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I am posting Zombat reference pictures. Kongdech has two actors in mind, Nichkun and Mario. But give them an emo look.

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Madam Sunny

Some more information on Madam Sunny. In the story Madam Sunny owns a cosmetics conglomerate named “Immortal”. Madam Sunny is a zombie that has found a way to live forever, sacrificing all of her  humanity for what she believes is … Continue reading

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Zombie World Logic

After meeting with Kongdech and Thum there are some general comments for all the work. For everyone working on the zombie world scenes, Kongdech feels the design will be stronger if we come up with Zombie world rules/logic. Why is … Continue reading

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