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Inside the zombie world’s pillar

These sketches show some minor details in the environment inside the pillar, and stuffs Zombat would have encountered. There will be more info explained during the presentation. GL HF ppl!!!!! xD Advertisements

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another gravity theory

So the gravity would shifts around the hot and cold air that circulate through the pillar. One side would be really cold, another would be really hot. hehe.

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Poe’s concept art fix + new sketch

Hi again~ Soooooo from the comments i received from last wk, I added more jagged pillars, made the whole thing clearer by adjusting contrast + color correction, for the removal request of the far away pile of trash from Aj.Aaron … Continue reading

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Poe’s pillar theories and concept arts

#1 theory of the gravity shift, I found it more interesting if Zombat gotta walk in a spiral manner (on vines, trashes, cables, rocks, n so on) between the shifting of gravity on each side of the pillar. The diagram … Continue reading

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Poe’s progress

Hope u guys had a great wkend, because this wk is even better, and we all know why~ First i added more fangs like pillars to the center island, I rly cant find a good place to put down the … Continue reading

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poe’s jpeg

I added different version of my painting so the director could choose which kind of tone he likes, so I can further use it in my later paintings. Others sketches I added in just to see which type of composition … Continue reading

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Concept art (up todate with the latest physics of the zombie world)

After the skype conversation I had a conversation with Aj.Aaron and he discussed the physics of the zombie world. Based on the a quick sketch he drew for me, I cleaned it up and annotated for ease of understanding. In … Continue reading

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