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Madame Sunny’s House

Hi All, here is a reference for a very plastic world…

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Plastic Monument

Hi All, I just saw this image in design boom and it made me think of the monument that is at the base of the “mountain” perhaps this may be a good reference, color is too clean but objects of … Continue reading

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Idea for Pitch Package Illustration

Hi All, we have been talking about the graphic that goes on the pitch package and we were inspired by these t-shirts that have a collage of illustration on them. So Chase is going to take a collage of the … Continue reading

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Underworld Sky

Hi Everyone, I saw this image and thought of the “Underworld Sky”, what if the sky would rain pollution? All the garbage the world above has tossed away or left to rot? Just a thought-Karen

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Logo Idea

Hi all, I saw this logo and thought of the project, what if traditional type was created out of the “objectness” of the characters?

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Karen’s Introduction

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