Updated Ideas

Hello! I just reexamined some of my ideas from last week to sort of figure out the specifics.

iChangeYourBoneStructure Chair:

Kept it white/gray to go with the plastic-theme, which a lush red interior, to give the vibe of luxury. A few notes:

* The back is shaped like an hour-glass figure of a woman

* You sink into the chair and it envelops you entirely

* screen comes in front, which makes it so you’re closed off from everything in the area


Yam was saying that since there was a satirical element to Madame Sunny, the people could go in and come out looking worse/the same. Then I was thinking, maybe the people all came out looking like her. That way, everyone’s personal architecture isn’t their own anymore – just like Madame Sunny – so no one has their identity any longer.

Orm Progression:

I was also thinking that Orm, throughout the film could slowly look worse and more like Madame Sunny, symbolizing her internal ugliness, as well as a submission to a fake beauty. It could start subtle, but as she’s on the screen more, she’s changes slightly each time until she’s physically a completely different person by the end of the film.

See you soon!


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