Poe’s concept art fix + new sketch

Hi again~ Soooooo from the comments i received from last wk, I added more jagged pillars, made the whole thing clearer by adjusting contrast + color correction, for the removal request of the far away pile of trash from Aj.Aaron -> i did tried to make it less and it somewhat ruins the composition because the the shape of the cliff on the left side started to be over complicated that it is distracts the focus of the picture as a whole.

Yes yes MC Usher, I know this is no where near MC Usher. I started off like one, but… somehow along the way i got distracted by perspective here n there that it ended up like this.

Enough stupid talk >_<“. First i tried to stack walkways over each other like MC Usher (as u can see i failed haha), but I thought that twisting and curving the walkway might yield somewhat an interesting result. I realized that i have to stack walkways over each other but it was too late that the when i stacked them, the whole pic became unclear and confusing. This means that i need to sketch another one for next wk! xD

And this is the hourglass theory that was raised at the group discussion.

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2 Responses to Poe’s concept art fix + new sketch

  1. thestiltsofdeath says:

    Hey Poe!

    So, I know we’re meeting tonight, but I just thought I’d say – it’s not a big deal about the lack of MC Escher-ness, because it was more of a jumping off point because he likes to play with space and it was a good referencing point. But I must say, the main path that is crossing from the top left downward is EXCELLENT. That was exactly what I was thinking when I meant switching directions. I like it because the director said to play with gravity and that definitely does it.

  2. popoe says:

    yay ty! glad u like it~ i feel like i got a couple more compositions in my head haha ^_^

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