Fixing Logo Thai with Color

I fixed the Thai logo. Bird said in the last meeting that he could not read the Thai, so I fixed and made it readable as much as I could. Hopefully, everyone who is Thai can read this logo.

Moreover, I fixed position of the logo. I tried to match the position with the English logo. Personally, I think the last one is the best; however, the problem is with one vowel that look like this. [  ่ ]  I think it too cramped with the upper letters.

I also added the color for both logo.

Please comment. ^.^b

[Fixing 3]

[Fixing 4]


[Fixing with color]



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1 Response to Fixing Logo Thai with Color

  1. sanctuaryme says:

    I think the color ones really work~ The logo really stand out even I looked from far distance. The thai version can be read so clear and understandable.

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