Death Storyboards, iTouch Chair, Statues and of course, a Naruto Fanny Pack

Hello! Firstly, I want to apologize for the lack of work the past couple weeks. Sarah and I had to complete and put up our senior gallery show this week and have been running around like crazy trying to get everything finished. So, unfortunately, it’s all really rough work and sketches today.


So, I thought a lot about what the director said regarding the death scene last meeting and Sarah and I roughly explained. But here are some barely-legible storyboards that will confuse you even more


So the idea is that after Om rejects him, he starts to melt. However, she mistakes it for crying and sort of laughs at him and walks off. Confused, he wipes away what he THINKS is a tear, but instead wipes away his skin. He then slowly crumbles. But I had the idea that, instead of showing him melting apart to avoid gruesome-ness, Wizard of Oz references, etc., the shot could be done with the silhouette of his legs, and his body parts slowly melt/drop one by one.

What I didn’t have time to rough out was the entrance of Aranya as her first appearance on screen. I thought she could either:

A) Not be shown at all and either grab his heart or hand and place it next to her chest.

B) Put the hairpin in his hand.

What do you think?

iTouch Chair

I only call it that because I’m not sure what else to call it.  But I roughed out a chair design:

I tried to make an organic, circular shape to go with the approved theme of the circles, but also make it look fake and plasticy. The idea is that each chair has its own touch-screen, allowing the person to sift through a portfolio of facial features/options for surgery. Then, you match up different body parts to your face and the computer tells them the compatibility. However, the only way to truly become compatible is if you change multiple body parts. So, let’s say the “perfect nose” gives you 75% compatibility, but it’ll increase to 90% if you pair it with the “perfect lips”.

Also, this may be going too far, but the light above can change according to the person’s changing of their facial features. For example, the lighting’s awful when the person sits down, to make their face look less attractive, and then softens as they manipulate their facial features.

Lithium Statues

I thought it’d be kinda cool if Madame Sunny’s accessories to her building would mirror the Zombie World. So I just sketched out these plastic-like statues on round objects (back to the circular theme)

However, these come with MOOD STABILIZERS! Yay!

I read that Lithium Ions act as mood stabilizers. I just use that as an example because that’s what I found, but the idea is that there are these idealized statues surrounding the office (similar to the Zombie World), but they emit mood stabilizers to help control the environment. I also considered a fountain with a similar idea, but I kinda like this better.


Naruto Fanny Pack

I was thinking about Zombat and I came to the conclusion that he needed a Naruto Fanny Pack. This is my reasoning:

* When he’s a person, he needs a place to store his Om-stalking equipment (i.e. binoculars, camera, stun gun (kidding))

* When he’s a Zombie, he needs a place to store his body part-assembling equipment (i.e. glue, bandages, makeup, etc.)

So I found this:

I don’t know, I thought it’d be an interesting touch.

See you soon!

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  1. popoe says:

    [LIKES] naruto!!! >_<"

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