Poe’s pillar theories and concept arts

#1 theory of the gravity shift, I found it more interesting if Zombat gotta walk in a spiral manner (on vines, trashes, cables, rocks, n so on) between the shifting of gravity on each side of the pillar. The diagram should explain clearer. I have already started painting this piece, should be close to finish by next wednesday~

[Both side has the opposite gravity field] & for more info pls zoom in ^_^

#2 theory is much simpler, everything in the pillar is based on zombie world gravity field UNTIL someone open the trash can. Note that the effect ends when the trash can lid is closed.

All of the pieces below follow either of the above theories. This first one is just a fast sketch of how it would looks like from an extreme low angle. I didn’t develop it further because it is difficult  to explain the theory through this angle.

I developed this angle with a wide canvas, so I can add load of details. Again, two versions of green, a modern green with a soft touch of blue, and the good old antique Thai green.

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