Animated Logo/Zombie World

Hello! Unfortunately, I got really sick this week, so it hindered my ability to work extensively on both of these items. However, I wanted to have these up before today was over, so you get a more work-in-progress version.

Animated Logo

Since I didn’t get to work on this as much as I would’ve like, it really didn’t turn out that great, although it is a nice motion visual for what my storyboards are about. However, after finishing and looking at it, I don’t think the idea is all that feasible. I prefer Birdie’s animated logo to this (sorry for the pixelation – I didn’t use that large of a file). However, some things that might need explaining:

* It’s told from Zombat’s perspective

* When the circle shakes, he’s tearing out his heart

* Aranya’s hidden to the side

*Orm smashes the heart back into his chest

Zombie World

This one I wanted to put up before Tuesday, but there’s still a good amount of work that’ll be going into it. I want to define the shapes more, the lineart needs A LOT of work, etc… But a few things:

* I thought it’d be interesting to sort of combine Poe’s/Birdie’s/my idea for a light source and suggest that, since the source is now the core of the earth, what if the magma was put into tubes and used to light the world? Small glimpses are at the bottom of the image.

* Since the Zombie world is upside down, I thought it’d be interesting if the mountain itself was upside down. So, the smallest part is at the bottom.

*I made the jagged rocks around the world look like jaws, so when you enter the world, you get out of the “mouth” of the zombie world, but if you think about leaving, you’ll have to enter the “jaws” again.

*In the actual rock where it’s located, inside (that’s glowing green and the source of the green smog) is where the reapers convene; I chose this place because it’s close to the entrance, as well as the center of the general world, so it’s easiest access to any place.

Before Tuesday, I also hope to finish my storyboards and one last idea… but those will come later! See you soon!

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2 Responses to Animated Logo/Zombie World

  1. popoe says:

    I wonder if there should be an establishing shot that shows that the hole is from Zombat before starting your sequence. That would make the audiences have a clearer sense of what the circle is? I do still like the idea tho, of looking through Zombat.

    – I think the jaw part looks great, it just need more work as u say.
    -For the cracks where reapers meet, I wonder if it could looks more like a cave (for the entrance of the crack), may be even add tiny figures so we know that reapers stay in there.
    – This one is a very minor point, its about the base of the statue, may be the base could be bigger or more jaggy so it fits into the environment.
    – The orange lights at the bottom really form a triangle shape (orange dot from the cave and 2 dots from the light). I think its really strengthen the composition overall, but personally I feel that the foreground cliff could be stronger if it extends out a little more.
    – Can’t wait to see Zombat in the pic hehe
    – I think that when we present our works to the director, we should show them both the version with lava, and without lava

    Argh I typed to much. Hope these comments are some what useful >_<"

  2. thestiltsofdeath says:

    I thought about zooming out of Zombat’s hole too – I think I had it in my storyboards, but I found that it seemed strange in the end, even though I totally agree – I think it’s necessary. The only solution I can think of is if they were 3D rendered and I could use the camera to sweep across the entire composition… it’s a little tricky 2D-wise. I’m definitely up for any suggestions.

    – About reapers comment: I AGREE! Wow, thanks. I though it looked a little off too, but I was hitting such a wall. That helps, thanks (as if my caps locks didn’t scream already… hahah.)

    – Statues: You’re right. I will admit I’m a little torn because theoretically, these are statues the zombies built as a sort of perfection, so I wasn’t sure whether I wanted the bases to be in that same care, or they used the elements around them.

    – Cliff Base: Agreed.

    Thanks for everything – that was really helpful. Excited for Tuesday!

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