Concept art (up todate with the latest physics of the zombie world)

After the skype conversation I had a conversation with Aj.Aaron and he discussed the physics of the zombie world. Based on the a quick sketch he drew for me, I cleaned it up and annotated for ease of understanding.

In this idea there is 2 light sources, 1st one is through the tiny crack of the ceiling that envelops the magma. 2nd one is from the green gas. Zombat would enter the pillar which goes down (zombie world) and pops up on the human world. (if this sounds confusing, look at the diagram, if that doesn;’t help… Aj.Aaron LOL!)

*The maze is inside the pillar not the contour of the planet >_<”

This one is just fun experiment, I added the lava flowing down the pillar. I just thought that there might be some leak from the center of the magma sphere

#1 normal green (the picture below, not above ^_^)

#2 desaturated green

# old green

#4 desaturated old green

^^^^ is the link of the older version

It would help alot if you guy can rate if #1,2,3 or 4 or older versions is best suited with this scene ^_^ TY v much~

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3 Responses to Concept art (up todate with the latest physics of the zombie world)

  1. thestiltsofdeath says:

    Hey! I just put them all next to each other and stared. Got some strange looks because it looked like I was incredibly angry at my computer… haha.

    I’m still on #1. And I really like the magma crack – I was actually wondering about that last night. If the core of the earth is lighting the world through cracks, wouldn’t magma explode over everything? Haha… But I like that you put it on the mountain because I’d imagine if the sun is destructive to Zombies, magma is ten million times more so. It would make them stay away from the entrance – or, anywhere that’s close to the center, I guess.

    Why does Aaron like the 4th? Is it the desaturation element? I even tried putting #1 and #4 next to each other and comparing, but I’m still on #1…

  2. thestiltsofdeath says:

    Wow, I just read that and realized without my tone, my question regarding the 4th may sound bad. I mean to ask, why does Aaron prefer the 4th? I’m just curious his reasons because maybe he’s seeing something I’m missing.

  3. popoe says:

    He likes its desaturated, the yellow light version, I think he havn’t seen this fix yet. Actually ppl seems to like 4, asked a few ppl opinions today. They say the overall feel is better without the lava xD

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