Storyboard Extravaganza

Hello everyone! I hope you week is going well! So, unfortunately this week I got so busy, my digital paints now look like sad color blocks, which I don’t think would be particularly helpful in any way, so I’m going to shield you from that.

But, I’ve been researching a lot about destruction of different elements for Zombat’s death and I have come up with the following reaction (that I made up) for a potential-death idea:

Sulfuric-Flash Frozen-Exothermic-Cracking

Which makes no sense.

But, I’m going to try to explain my mental process (try, being the key word because I’m not entirely sure it makes any sense). So, I have always pictured Zombat falling apart similar to a flash-frozen puzzle of sorts, which certain “key areas” being where the cracks pool at, kinda like blood pooling. BUT, I also think the reaction should be exothermic (expels heat) for several reasons: 1) I think it could look aesthetically nice 2) the symbol of it. He is dead (freeze cracking), but has a heat-filled death, the steam representing the passion of his love for Orm, all escaping his body. I made some quick storyboards:

I’ll try and interpret my chicken scrawl for you. The idea is that when Zombat takes his heart out, it creates little cracks like a flash frozen body (or a glacier breaking from land). Then the cracks ‘pool’ at certain places on Zombat’s body, where he’s been gluing himself together. I figured the weakest part of his body was the joints because bones are meeting there, which would be a weak spot and prone to break.

Steam begins to come because the reaction is exothermic, and emits a certain level of heat. The steam fills the area, where the final rippings of his body is coming to be. Then, I thought since its a live action/animation film, the real smoke from the reaction could turn into animated smoke (I really like the way smoke was depicted in Secret of Kells, which is what these sketches are based off of), where Aranya’s hair pin falls through (I’m not sure what the hair pin looks like, so I just made my own).

It then lands in between Zombat’s new fingers and the animated smoke clears and he’s in the Zombie world, animated himself.

This may make no sense, but I hope I explained okay.

Animated Logo

I drew some quick ideas for the animated logo, going off of what Aaron said about having a hole, zooming out, and having the hole be Zombat’s chest. I also tried to incorporate Aow’s (I hope I spelled that right!) idea, but instead of a puddle, Orm shoves Zombat’s heart back in his chest, which makes the logo.

And finally, just for fun, I drew the following for Karen. She seemed incredibly disturbed that I thought it’d be funny if the Elder Zombie had an exposed brain that he scratched, so I drew the following sketch specifically for you:

Just for you, Karen.

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