Concept ArtL Zombats death and Hairpins

Hi everyone,

This is what I’ve worked on this week.  First are some thumbnails for concept art for the hairpin scene.  The first is in a mall, and Orm is the only one on the escalator, so she is higher then everyone else.  The second is in a market with Orm in front and Zombat walking towards her, sort of disregarding Aranya.  The third makes Z and A in the foreground, but you only see a bit of A.  Finally the fourth has all three characters in line with each other, as if O walked by without noticing Z at all.  Let me know if any of these work. If you find one you like, I will start on the line work.

The next is work for the death scene for zombat.  Lindsey and I talked about the pain of giving his heart to Orm.  We were thinking that as the movie goes on, he has to use more glue to hold himself together, but it is all supported by his heart.  His heart was holding him together, and when it is rejected he starts to crumble.  I thought it would start from his heart and crack like ice up through his face.  I’m not sure how to show his body crumbling.  This is a look at Zombats crumbling after being rejected.  I wanted it to spread and start to show his zombie parts. The cheekbone is starting to show.  I wanted to get more of a storyline with this, but it’s late, so I will do it later.

Thanks everyone. Hope you like it.


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2 Responses to Concept ArtL Zombats death and Hairpins

  1. popoe says:

    yo! I like the zombat one, the idea of cracking from the heart is rly good. At first i thought those cracks are his blood veins >__<"

  2. chocochacha says:

    Personally, for the hair pin scene I like the third idea the best. I like the idea of no revealing much of Aranya. Keeping her mysterious. For this scene, is it A’s point of view right?

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