concept art n sketches

*Some of these pics are in a3 size so loading might take a while~

This wk I did (almost) finish the colored concept art, the one below and few sketches.

So I cleaned it up as planned. Dual tone painting, I couldn’t pick which green is better, there is one with a little touch of blue, and another one is more towards yellow (somehow I feel its more old style Thai color, like on old movie poster? shown to my parent and they disagree so yea….no confident hahaha!!!). I also made versions of these two greens desaturated (just in case the color is too dramatic in the normal version).

I think it might be sight friendly if you open 2 pics in another browser side by side over scrolling up and down. Pls do pick one or two or comments~ TY!!!!! ^_^

vvv This is the more old style Thai green on old movie poster that i talked bout.

The 2 below are the desaturated versions.

So I guess I finished it faster than i anticipated. This composition I got it from a dream, grabbed a pencil n a paper first thing after i jumped out of my bed. The dream was some soldiers holding their ground behind a pile of big stones in a cave (had too much sukiyaki i guess xD). I thought that I could experiment with a new green, since there isn’t one final green I have to stick with (as i know of).

The other fancy colors are from the ‘silk’ or in Thai we called ผ้าแพร. There are many type of silks in Thailand, this type is very extra colorful and Thais tie them around trees that they think are holy, religious, or guarded by some super awesome spirits. I tried to find more reference or wiki to explain, but ended up blank T_T

*Color should be more colorful but I just realize they aren’t that colorful bcoz I forgot to add highlight to the silks >_<”

This is the silk I talked bout, very bright and vibrant color, people dont wear these colors, couldn’t imagine how BEAUTIFUL they would look >_<”

Btw I use it around the pillar coz it should be somewhat a sacred place for zombies hehe.

Sooooo many landscape and not enough closer up shots, here is one. This is when Zombat going back up to the human world for the first time.

For the door I used Thai patterns I found on google image, then connects them together like a jigsaw. I put some stupid Thai ads on pillars and places, some wet clothes hanging to dry (since its moistly underground). I recommend Thai readers to zoom in to read on those ads LOL! For those who can’t, you can ask your Thai members in your group.

And this is the Thai pattern I found from google image.

Pls help pick one of the 4 versions above, I would be very grateful >_<” ~I rly have a good feeling that this wkend wont be rotten xD

TY TY TY again~!

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5 Responses to concept art n sketches

  1. thestiltsofdeath says:

    I personally like the first one. Even though I think the Zombie world should be desaturated, the tones are just richer and more intriguing.

  2. thestiltsofdeath says:

    P.S. Which bat is the one that fueled the debate on whether it’s fake or not? 🙂

  3. popoe says:

    Personally I like the first one too lol. Aj. Aaron likes the 4th one.
    For the bat, I dunno which one >_<

  4. thestiltsofdeath says:

    I just put 1 and 4 side by side and I’m still on #1, and this is why I like that one: The tone of the green in cooler than #4. #4 seems a little warm, which I think wouldn’t be prevalent in the Zombie world, whereas #1 has this sort of ice-green that is really nice.

    These are fantastic though, by the way.

  5. popoe says:

    I guess ill make all 4 version with the magma light fix hahaha. pls check ur email hehe

    TY for the compliment ^_^

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