Template for 3D

Hello there everyone. I think to make our life easier for how trashes can be applied to Zombie costume (especially the old zombie we are working on) I think we should have a template to make our life easier. I think we should make something similar to dress up sim,

This is the base I made

Afterward we can draw on top of it, preferably shirt, trouser, etc. in separate layers
You don’t have to do it as vector graphic as I do, I just did it as demonstration. You can just draw it with pencil, scanned then put on top of this template.

For this PSD I separate everything into folders which you then can turn the visibility of each thing on and off

you can download the template here: http://www.mediafire.com/?80igbhcp278a8ka

After we made a costume we can have weekly extension pack!

Feel free to add any necessary sub folders in this PSD!

Happy working \ ^3^ /

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