Idea for animated logo

I made an animatic to explain my idea (from brain storming session) for animated logo that i promised to pose on the evening of the meeting day… oops… it’s monday morning~! (2am here)

I hope u find it useful.

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3 Responses to Idea for animated logo

  1. popoe says:

    omg! the splashing part is uber!!! The first part might be alittle too fast, I couldn’t perceive what is there after he handed her the heart, I see a dot but is that the heart?

    the one last dripping drop from the heart is so nice T_T

  2. chocochacha says:

    I really like the idea. The animated work is really well done. Personally, the speed of blood that drop to the ground is perfect. However, if you put some anticipations here and there, I think it might help improve this animated logo. For example, in the beginning where Zombat puts out his heart and shows it to Orm, I think Orm should show some reaction toward the heart before the blood drop. Making the dripping of blood as the symbol of tear might help. (just an idea ^^)

    Other than that good job Bird!

  3. sanctuaryme says:

    I like you idea, I think you could catch sense of story in it.
    I think you might want to consider the blood dropping part, it was a little bit too long. Maybe take one or two second off? Blood drop and turn into tree is cool, so as the splashing part. Maybe try adding more of splashing, to give more sense of it. Squash and stretch the tree and then splash into the heart could be nice too.
    But so far, so good.

    Good JOB~

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