Aranya’s painting


I paint this picture from my feelings when I read a book and got some comments from the previous post about how the character should look like.

She supported Zombut secretly without saying anything, She helps him truly from her heart. She doesn’t want anything back. She just want to see Zombut’s happiness. She sacrifice her life for him to live longer. She give him everything she can.

Her left part of the face is already rotted so she covered it with her hood. Her right part is going to rot so I paint it to capture the feel of losing her love. Her tear is actually her blood coming down on her cheek to her chin. It represents the painful love of hers. She still smiles with bloody tear because she is proud by helping Zombut. She reach her goal.

Edit: I changed some parts from the comments



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4 Responses to Aranya’s painting

  1. popoe says:

    I like the red eye so much, so scary! >_<" The message is very strong here, she is one sad girl, well captured. I can see not just her body is damaged but her cloak as well (in the lower part), would b rly nice to have holes on her hood as well.

    I hope the next painting will be orm or someone who isnt dead *0*

  2. I think the skin tone can be more desaturated. As she is a zombie the blood might not run through her body. Perhaps purplish lips. Also the scar is so big, should it be a bit more subtle?

  3. chocochacha says:

    The skin tone for the second one is much better. Look more like zombie. I really like the color of her neck in the second painting.

  4. sanctuaryme says:

    Wow, I could get the feeling of her emotion from her eye.
    I like the neck texture. Perhaps, add those textures on her face?
    The skin is still too pink. Zombie color is quite gray and green, from losing so much blood and body that started to decay. Actually, the color at the neck is.

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