Possible Human World Concept Art

So I realized I’m the only person from last terms “human world” group.  I don’t know if anyone is working on human world final concept art.  If there is someone, never mind then ;).  I figured if no one is on that then I could help if you would like.

I was assigned to work on the “coming out of the trashcan” and the “hairpin meeting” scenes last time, so that is what I know.  I don’t know much about the other groups, but if you would like a scene from the “mystery mannequin” or one of the other human world scenes I can work on that. 😀

This is my idea for the hairpin meeting.  I added Orm in the foreground, with Zomat focusing on her rather then Ayrana. She is overjoyed to get attention for the first time in her life.  There would be a lot of people walking through the scene, to depict the fashion/focus on perfection that the human world has.  These people would be slightly blurred though so the viewer would focus on the main characters.  This scene is at the end right?  I wasn’t sure if we should see Ayrana’s face or not, so I chose to have her posture and long hair cover her features.  That way she would not be very distinguishable.

The trashcan scene is just an image from last term that I was working on. I haven’t done anything new for that yet. I thought a nice peice would display the trasition from zombie to human world.  Inside the trashcan you could seen the can contorting into what is the zombie tunnel.  I thought about making this a night scene to cut down on the risk of people seeing Zombat as a zombie, but then the colors wouldn’t be as vibrant.

Ok, sorry to write so much.  If you like this, I will get started on higher quality work.  If not, I can make thumbnails of different compositions. hope it helps!

See you soon (for real this time >_<)


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2 Responses to Possible Human World Concept Art

  1. popoe says:

    hello! I like the hairpin meeting concept where zombat focus on Orm over Aranya, I think its funny xD
    my only comment would be in the composition that the level of the height (visual wise) of Orm and Zombat is at the same level. With the crowds and diagonals from the perspective, I just wonder if Orm could be at a different height (like closer to the camera so she would appear to be both higher and bigger than Orm —or— on the 2nd flr at some mall), so the relationship of the 2chars within the frame will be stronger and more dynamic. I read the book only twice and im so bad at remembering stuffs, but personally I think Orm in this scene should dominate the other 2 chars.
    May be Aranya should even get jealous for Zombat looking at Orm instead of her xD

    For the second picture, I like the composition, just the trashcan shapes look abit distorted??? The trashcan looks like its viewing from a high angle while the rest is in low angle.

    c u tmr! ^^

  2. birdiesama says:

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    I hope this will help =).

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