More sketches for zombie world

Hi again. Rottenly fresh off photoshop haha. I spent afew hrs cleaning up details, still more to do, and thats why i couldnt add more colors just yet.


-left side of pic got little zombies and shelters.

-bats, help with sense of depth

-duo color painting, orange n green. orange from sunlight through the crack (wonder if its even too big, may be a little haha). green is from the gas, it comes out from the geyser (left of Zombat, in the background, there should b another tiny geyser to the right but i havnt added it)

-not much highlight just yet coz most major details havnt been filled in.

-forgot to clean the spiky rocks at the top of pic as well (bird’s comment)

Another sketch. A zombie fishing for useful garbage while Zombat fall down. In the background is a shelter, elder zombie hut, and the stairwell up to the pillar to the human world. The water should be dirtier, now that I thought bout it xD

I havn’t really got a chance to play with the design of the pillar so why not try one! For this one shows ledges linked by rope bridges with tons of trashes below. Zombat and Aranya are both in the middle of the pic. The branches act as a walk way to the entrance of the pillar.

An idea with Bird that reapers hijack the electric cable to supply their own light source underground.

good day to the ppl in US, and goodnight to ppl in Thailand haha~

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1 Response to More sketches for zombie world

  1. thestiltsofdeath says:

    Please tell me that the Reaper isn’t pulling a Mission Impossible and repelling down the ceiling.

    Because that would be awesome.

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