Concept Art: Death scene and Finale

Hi everyone,


here are a couple of concept sketches for the finale and the death scene.  I chose to concentrate on zombat right after he wakes up again in the zombie world.  I was thinking that when he tries to give his heart to Orm, he would have to show her the hole in his chest.  She rejects it, and Zombat dies again.  When he wakes up, the hole in his heart is gone, sealed up in a way that Orm refused to do.  His hand is also clentched around something.  When he looks, he realizes it is a hairpin.  Aranya’s hairpin.

I was thinking that when Aranya gives all of herself for Zombat, the last thing she holds is the hairpin that he gives her.  So when he wakes up, her hand which is now his, is still holding onto it.

The finale I thought of going through the dirt past the zombie world and buried human world things that represent perfection to see two flowers growing together.  I’m not sure where you want to go with the finale, so we can talk more about symbolism.  I’m thinking about the symbolism of the power of love over perfection, maybe the cycle of life in nature.

Of course these are all just ideas to explore, let me know if I’m working in the right direction.

See you soon!


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