Background for Logo

I am truly sorry for the late post. These are sketch background for the logo. I took everyone’s suggestion from the last meeting and tried to improve the BG.

So I did add some splash to the old logo and then make another color for everyone to compare.

Then I came up with the idea of having splash inside the heart instead of having it on the outside.

Personally, I don’t quite like it yet for the hearts that have splash inside. I will continue develop it more. ^^



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2 Responses to Background for Logo

  1. birdiesama says:

    Wow, i think this one brushes are much more harmonious than the previous one. Very nice indeed.

    Just that the splash make it harder to see it as a heart. Might need to keep that in consideration.

  2. popoe says:

    a good messy lol! do u hav one without crop? (the bottom part of the pic looks cut off)

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