Zombat Inspiration/Room

Last week when we were talking about the new Concept Art for the film, Sarah and I mentioned this cartoon we used to watch when we were younger. It’s called Hey Arnold! and it used to play on the Nickelodeon network. There is a character in it named Helga and it seems like she had a similar fixation with a boy she liked… So I thought I’d post a few pictures from the show that I found:

This is the shrine she made of Arnold in the back of her closet, made out of gum she collected from him/items he’s dropped on the ground.


I’m not sure if this is helpful at all, but I think it’s an interesting comparison to Zombat. Both are characters that, if put in the wrong light, could be over-creepy, but are loved. For example, Helga, despite her shrine, is someone rooted for throughout the show (At least, when I was 12, I was rooting for her).

Actually I just finished reading The Phantom of the Opera and came across a similar issue. The Book-Version of the Phantom is extremely unlikable and kind of scary, whereas the Play-Version of the Phantom is loved and a tragic character. It made me wonder what the difference of:


I was thinking about it, especially in relation to Zombat. In my opinion, the difference between the two is that the Play-Phantom is set up as a sad, misunderstood character. I think this is really important for Zombat as well. I like the idea of combining the techniques for both Hey Arnold! and Phantom of the Opera; and I think his room would be a good place to create this misunderstood devotion to another character… maybe have elements of a shrine, but also keep him in the realm of tragic.

I’m sorry if this made no sense.

I hope this helps in some way, if not, I’m sorry you read all of that!

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1 Response to Zombat Inspiration/Room

  1. popoe says:

    yo! I do agree that mixing both would give a very interesting style, I rly like how Hey Around! use colors. I think that those colors can be reference or developed into either a cartoon-ish or a realistic style (the color palette).

    From what i understand, atm we dont know whether zombie world will be using real actors or 2d/3d animation (so its rly hard to pin down to which art direction is best suited for what we design?), so most or everything we do right now gotta be able to goes both way (realistic and semi cartoon-ish). But it seems like its gonna be 2d/3d animation, but Aaron said just to be safe, work in the middle road for now >_< (I hope what i understand is correct lol)

    And for the first picture, I think that i feel 'fun' even though a little creepy, but 'good fun' creepy. I think that your concept for Aranya chasing Zombat through the rock can rly make a good use of this tablet. May be the color here is too intense and saturated, I think that may be dialing down the saturation in Photoshop 'color balance' menu would be just perfect! (actually i doubt it will be perfect, what i think is a good idea always come back to bite my butt… but i think it is worth giving a shot hehe!)

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