New Concept art

Hi everybody. 

Ok, scanner access is limited, so I’ll write out what I’ve been working on and post images as soon as I can.  

I spent the week working on ideas for how to translate the Finale into a movie.  just going from the pictures I thought of making an image that looks like a geological image of soil. At the bottom would be a complete decayed zombie world, then in the middle would be human world/madame sunny stuff (to show that even the obsession with perfection isn’t good) and then at the top green plants or a field with some trees. 

 Maybe put two people in the field, facing away so you can’t see their face.  The people would sort of look like Zombat and Ayrna maybe to show that love will outlive everything else.  Let me know if you want to expand on that, or if you want the finale to go in a completely different direction.  🙂 


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