Sombat sketches for 3D conversion 3

Thanks for every comments from my last pose. Today I did some more sketches with those comments in consideration.

Yesterday sketches did not put the potential actor into consideration, sorry about that. Yesterday was more like proportion experiments. Thanks Lindsey for bring the issue up =). It was very helpful, especially the comment on the actor facial quality. And yeah, I will try to get more sleep.

And thanks to poe to bringing the issue of essence of Thai. That is, in fact, was in my consideration as well and up until now I still can’t really define the essence of Thai.

And first of all, the potential actor skin colour is not dark.

The current fashion in Thailand is now mostly imported from Korean.

We don’t see anyone here wear traditional Thai cloth around.

EMO is not our thing, we were influenced by foreign country.

Zombat hair is actually a wig, and yes usually they are more of a foreign hair style wig for fashion. I never see anyone wears Thai hair style wig for fashion.

Our potential actor physical features are not that of Thai, it’s more like Korean

I think to have our character an essence of Thai through fashion has its limit. If you guys have any idea just hit it to me, I am still thinking about it as well.


One idea i could think of is to combine what’s Thai to the current Thai fashion trend (Korean). When I think of Thailand, one thing that came up into my mind is elephant.

I did some search around and came across this particular image:

It is an image is an illustration of elephant using Thai Traditional art and Lai Thai (ลายไทย, Thai Texture). I think we can use this as a part of the fashion.

This sketch is an attempt to combine the elephant with emo look

The next sketch is more of a nerdy look. It’s not hard to see people wearing something like this around in shopping mall.

The inside shirt with Lai Thai is more available now a days:

I actually own one of these as well. Strangely, I rarely see anyone wearing it around in shopping mall.

I guess that will be it for today. See you at tmr skype meeting!

Thanks for all the previous constructive comments!

Will be appreciate for more comment!

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