Old man Character for 3D

The old man I sketch are all based on Sombat Methinee…

An old man with one arm and one handicapped leg who uses crutch to help him stand… I try to think about what old person might be suffering at their age. So i came up with the suffering of memory lost, diseases, bone and joint problems. I also look at the older posts about the old man and I saw the use of trashes in Zombie World… A trash collector… Everyday I walk down near my house, there are many trash collectors some are very old and some are still young. These people are not noticed and in the Zombie World, life is about staying with trashes and wait for the day to come.

[sorry for bad picture quality, I accidentally got no scanner ^ ^] Furthermore, I try to get a more cartoony look for the small hunchbacked thin old man. Well, I was thinking about the food and how can they feed themselves. There is nothing to eat to be healthy so I give him a skinny look with another type of crutch. I also think about Thai costumes…farmer… loincloth… straw hat… a handmade straw hat of can and plastic… So I add loincloth for the head and body of the old man and some equipments use for farming.. a hook on his chest that might be an accident happened be4 he died opening his chest up.. I also add little worm and broken bone coming out of his legs…. also disease that gives a dot-look all over his body.

Thinking of old poor man, I also think of a wealthy person… tuxedo, leg supporter, and belt. Then I went back to how he suffers again… smoking(a hole in the neck).. heart disease.. gout.. walking issue and bones.. brain damage, eyes and also breathing problem.

This is what I have for now…

Thanks everyone… enjoy your time

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