Logo in Thai

This is logo in Thai. I based the design on Molly’s updated design.
When I design this logo I tried to imitate Thai font for Thai old thriller movie. (reference below)

Please comment 🙂

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4 Responses to Logo in Thai

  1. birdiesama says:

    I think you used too many brush type for the outside of the heart? I personally think it doesn’t look too harmonious. Maybe you can stick with 1-2 brush type and play around with it.

    Also Molly’s logo, the letter [R]otte[N] Lov[E] the white is actually connects to the white outside of the heart. Maybe you could try that too?

    Good luck, cheers =)

  2. popoe says:

    Agree with bird. The letters are fitted too perfectly in the shape. Since Bird mentioned bout brush heads, may be you can get brushes from Molly hehe.

    The English design one use only black and white, no gray, so it feels different when there is gray in it. Overall I like the font, but I would like to see more designs, then you can get ppl to vote for which design to develop later on from there?


  3. chanyam says:

    I like the idea and design of the font. It’s cool!

    It may capture various age group of audience.

    It would be interesting if parts of the letter comes out of the heart.

    But I still doubt that what if the logo need to put other surfaces like a poster or a movie title.

    There may not have a white poster for this kind of movie (I think).

    Also, even if the font is cool, I am not sure that this idea can be sold in nowadays.

  4. chocochacha says:

    Thank you so much you guy! Those comments help a lot! Next time I designed I will use your’s comments. 🙂

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