Fast composition sketches for Zombie world

*I tried to type in paragraph and it was unreadable even to myself haha, here goes the bulletpoint family!!!!!! [best view the pic at full size]

From my understanding, zombie world is where Zombat went after hes dead, Aranya gave him a cloak, Zombat travel through the tunnel (volcano shape), pops out from a trashcan.

#1 – (From what i understand) Not many zombies would go back up to the humanworld, scared of accelerating the rot.

– Lindsey told me the atmosphere should be desaturated, so I tried to stick on a monochrome palette, there would be color later on, but not much, if it gets an approval xD

– Big big space, hard to reach, broken bridges explain that. Foggy at the top and clearer at the bottom (so u can c the depth).

– Behind is the zombie village, there are other zombies living outside the village as well, haven’t added coz they are minor details (though I added one in the #1-2)

– Zombat is crossing the bridge and Aranya is sneaking behind the rock (bottom right)

– Influenced by Lindsey suggestion of the use of silouhette for the spiky ceiling rocks

– Last comment for this one! Light get through from the top since zombies don’t come here often, those reapers wouldn’t bother fix ceiling here

#1-2 (one of the bullet point above explain why I post this pic ^_^)

#2 – This one really looks chaotic, things went out of control while I was planning for composition on this one. I know this might not goes with the lonely cold place kind of feel but may be it will inspired someone else like it inspired me.

– In this one I thought that if zombies don’t come to the tunnel often, so there will be left over trashes, a mother-load of trashes. I want it to be a one hell of a adventure for Zombat.

– Reapers fixing the ceiling here. (many light getting through, shows how difficult it is to live in this harsh harsh world~(no wonder why Zombat left hahaha!)

– curvy stairwell with some part made from trashes piling up. Sprays on the stairs of ‘there was an accident here’ like what they spray on the road in Thailand, not sure bout US >_<

#3 – Its getting more and more fun, looked at too many references. This one is Zombat climbing up the tunnel and he is looking down.

– Since zombie world is rock rock soil soil, human world ground is made of concrete n such, so I made the higher part more artificial than the lower.

– Use of water and pipe to help distinguish the depth of the picture, I don’t think its enough just yet

#4 – Returning to where I should have been sketches ago. This one is a closer up of Zombat to the tunnel. Aranya is hiding behind the rock.

– I make use of the background to make it feels like a dead end, its a kind of a sphere where the tunnel is at so that when the light shines down, it will be the center of the focus.

– A joke annotated. (I’m gonna be so sad if Bird don’t laugh, and a sarcastic laugh doesn’t count)

#5 – My last concept. Since the first sketch, I wanna try one with a tunnel not on a pillar. Again, Aranya is trying to follow Zombat (5th sketch and she hasn’t given up >_<!”)

– Light shine through at an angle (imo it might be too much), made use of it to help differentiate depth in the pic.

– Small stones, big stones, cliffs, I added bridges in the background to show how zombies might travel in their world (influenced from #1)

– A broken down shelter of reapers + reapers near the tunnel entrance to show the scale of this place.

– The rectangle shape stone blocks are like, tombstones for zombie, they buried them there so there are closer to the human world and thus closer to heaven (now that I think bout it they must b closer to hell than heaven…)

At last! my last say of this post! Any comments would be very appreciated, seriously ^_^

I hope you guys, students, aj, lecturers, professors and anybody who came to cross this post enjoyed this longggggg post. I am deeply sorry for such the quality of  these 705 words I have written here.

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4 Responses to Fast composition sketches for Zombie world

  1. thestiltsofdeath says:

    Firstly, holy smokes. *as I awkwardly shove my pencil sketches aside*

    The perspectives on these are fantastic – really. I like the subtle use of angles to get the German Expressionism perspective, as well as a tool to really draw the viewer into the image.

    1 – I really can’t think of anything off the top of my head, besides the lighting source. My only question is, if the ceiling is made of trash and discarded items, I’m not sure how light would come down. I actually was contemplating the lighting sources a while ago – especially after Birdie posted that image of the cave with small lamps descending down the cave. I was thinking maybe we could brainstorm a potential lighting source – maybe created from the trash found from the ceiling? It could be a very “recycling process”, using the water from the zombie river we discussed to fuel some sort of electricity out of discarded lightbulbs – maybe something along those lines.

    2 – This actually reminds me of an old computer game I has when I was younger called Riven. Actually, after looking at this, I looked it up and found some images that might be helpful:

    • thestiltsofdeath says:

      It cut me off! Sorry… you’re not done with me yet!

      Another image:

      After looking at these, it might be something to draw inspiration from…

      I’ll comment on the others later, if you like, but now I’m currently running late to my Marketing class. Talk to you soon!

  2. birdiesama says:


    In fact I didn’t laugh, i even see the image before seeing your comment about me laughing.

    @1st concept, wow. The bridge looks… very dangerous. There’s not much foot step space right? What you can make it looks more threatening visually is u can make the edge of the rock shaper. Else is looking great to me. The place looks totally deserted! And the place looks really really huge!

    @2nd concept, I think the design of the place is brilliant and how you represent it wit black and white is perfectly clear. However i think… how can i put this… they don’t look harmonious? I don’t think you put everything (the big circle, the pillar and pathway) in a proper angle so that might be the case.

    @3rd concept, I think one ivy is not enough, there should be more of it especially between the crak of the concrete. There should be some kind of parasite plants as well e.g. mushrooms. It’s damped right? lol, and there’s more than sufficient water supply as well.

    @4th concept, to emphasize – I didn’t laugh. I think this one has the least visual stun. I don’t think the angle of the spiky rock at the ceiling works.

    @5th concept, i personally think if you crop the top part out (and move down the spiky rock cieling) it actually works better. I think top part is unnecessary, it’s mostly blank.

  3. popoe says:

    ty Lindsey! I rly like the mood of the Riven picture, the use of bright blue, dark blue, omg so many type of blue, finishing it off with a little touch of green just to bring everything alive, too good T_T

    all hail birdiesama, hurrah hurrah! Ur comments help alot if I get to continue with any one of these sketches hehe. I think I have an idea to make in more Thai, may be i should look at environment around Thai temple, or in the city, or something lmao~

    I hav uh…..more ideas now…too many. Just a head up, we r going to a fieldtrip this wkend, friday-sunday, Koh Si Chang.

    ^ it always look good in the picture, im so doubting the real deal would be this clean, and solitary lollllllllllllllll~

    btw i play starcraft2 if anybody would lov to join xD (very sad atm, havnt play in a wk, who is to blame if not *********…….. i would just say the ***** is ‘myself’, since i dont wanna get in trouble hahaha)

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