Character for 3D


My design is inspired mainly from the real person (DJ. Goi). Aranya is like a spare part for Zombat so I design her to be more decayed than Zombat. She is quite shy (in my opinion). She hides herself from Zombat almost til the end.



Zombat has to cover his zombie body from people. I design him to be a little bit more fashionable (left pic). Also, I show when he is decaying (center pic). The right pic is him before he is dead.

Various Style

I tried drawing in many styles to find the middle between cartoon and reality. However, it looks very cartoony.

I tired to explore various ideas. I didn’t read the book yet but I read many posts in this blog. I can capture something from reading them.

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1 Response to Character for 3D

  1. popoe says:

    I like the variety of design here alot. Can you make one that each character are side by side? so we can differentiate the height. I have seen many of your work focused on rendering hair so I would love to see it here too! It would be really cool to see you explore hairstyles. Oh, and I really like the details of rotten part (where u can c the bones), its very interesting.

    I borrowed the copy from Aaron, I can give it to you tmr.

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