Sombat sketches for 3D conversion

Howdy everyone (o3o) / I finally have some free (well not really) time to do some sketches for Sombat for 3D conversion.

The first sketch was influenced mainly by the previous design on the blog. A kind of emo look i suppose (I still don’t really understand what’s emo, anyone care to explain it to me? I would be very appreciated)

The next sketch is based mostly on my personal interpretation of the character. For me, from what i understand, Sombat is not quite emo but kind of nerdy, unsocializable and obsesses with figurines. He is kinda hard to understand from normal people perspective I suppose. This is a sketch of my interpretation of Sombat before he died. He shouldn’t be trendy but nerdy and kind of unattractive… maybe. The proportion is more cartoony than the previous sketch though.

After he become a zombie, I think it’s time for him to become interested in fashion. He’s not that good in fashion i think. One idea is he can be overdressed and another idea is minimalism. This is more of a minimalism though. I am still experimenting with the proportion.

His skin colour as a zombie, I wonder should it be green or blue. I think blue would be interesting though.

That’s it for today. I will be very appreciate if you guys leave me your thoughts so far. It… whatttt it’s about 3:00 am here!! I better go to bed!

See you guys, plz excuse me any typing errors – i feel extremely sleepy!

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3 Responses to Sombat sketches for 3D conversion

  1. popoe says:

    nice start lol! I think Zombat gotta be cooler, more emo than for Orm to be interested.
    May be more stylish cloth, for an emo, I’m not an expert in emo-ism haha, but the current designs look um, alittle to what u c daily >_>

    Oh yes! y not tattoos ??

    I like the first design tho, muscular guy, but not macho. The second design looks like someone I know haha xD

  2. thestiltsofdeath says:

    Hey! I thought I’d try and explain emo, but I’m afraid my knowledge is limited to the cliches of emo; people dressed in black, listening to Dashboard Confessional and yelling about the black abyss that is life…

    But, what I do know is that emo is usually short for emotional, and is characterized by the person’s clothing and demeanor; it’s usually angst-ridden and sensitive. There is a lot of black, sometimes with splashes of color, but usually are stereotyped with depressed subjects.

    I’m not sure if that helps….

    • birdiesama says:

      I think tattoo might going a bit to far but i guess I will draw one anyway lol
      I just got a new tattoo reference book last week too o3o~

      Thanks for explanation for EMO, now i hav a better understanding of it to some degree

      Thanks for the constructive comments =9

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