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Animated Logo Storyboards

Hello everyone! I hope your week is going well. Last week after we spoke, Karen asked me to expand on the quick storyboards I did last week for the animated logo design. I (hopefully) made more understandable storyboards here: The … Continue reading

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Zombat Inspiration/Room

Last week when we were talking about the new Concept Art for the film, Sarah and I mentioned this cartoon we used to watch when we were younger. It’s called Hey Arnold! and it used to play on the Nickelodeon … Continue reading

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New Concept art

Hi everybody.  Ok, scanner access is limited, so I’ll write out what I’ve been working on and post images as soon as I can.   I spent the week working on ideas for how to translate the Finale into a movie.  just … Continue reading

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sketches for Zombat’s Room

This is a rough sketches and layout for Zombat’s Room. I did some changes in the room. Rough Layout comment please 🙂  

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Old Man Zombie

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Old man Character for 3D

The old man I sketch are all based on Sombat Methinee… An old man with one arm and one handicapped leg who uses crutch to help him stand… I try to think about what old person might be suffering at … Continue reading

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Sombat sketches for 3D conversion 3

Thanks for every comments from my last pose. Today I did some more sketches with those comments in consideration. Yesterday sketches did not put the potential actor into consideration, sorry about that. Yesterday was more like proportion experiments. Thanks Lindsey … Continue reading

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