Zombie Mountain

Hey! I hope everyone is doing well. I’ve got a couple things for the zombie world – I wish they were more finished.

Zombie Mountain

Here is the idea I came up with. I took Bing’s original concept and tried to make it more foreboding, with the entrance in the lower corner. I tried a lot of jutting edges – something I think would deter zombies because of potentially ripping off their limbs.

Zombie Statue

I was trying to think about what Zombies would yearn for after death – I figured material objects would be irrelevant because, what are they going to do with them? I imagined them coveting the human form and life – it made me think of the Golden Ratio and idealism in ancient art. Which is why I believe they would make their own David statue, out of garbage. Like so:


I think it’s be placed in front of the mountain, greeting them, creating a sort of contrast between the jagged mountain, and this garbage-smooth statue. I made a quick sketch of the placement:

Anyway, I wish I could’ve worked a lot more on these and this project. There are some ideas I never had a chance to illustrate. For example:

*Black market limbs, like the cloaked men on the street selling crappy Rolex watches…

* Upside-down fishing. Zombies fishing for items on the ceiling.

As for the ceiling of the Zombie world, I thought one way garbage could get through is through plate tectonics:

The plates could shift, causing the garbage to fall through the cracks to the Zombie world.

Anyways, it was great working with you all this quarter!

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