More ideas for the Zombie World

Like always, I will try to throw more ideas for the zombie world, so the director has more choices to choose from.

The first one is the shape of the pillar. I tried making it a volcano shape, and it works pretty well. I also have other shapes at the bottom for the director to choose. Above the volcano, there may be a toxic cloud that comes from trashes. These clouds may sometimes create toxic rain. Moreover, I have designed statues that are placed in front of the Zombie World gate. One statue has imperfect body (Zombie) while the other one has a perfect body (Human) to show the contradiction between the two worlds that this tunnel links..

I came up with more maps for the Zombie World.
No.1 – The same as I posted before. The Zombie World has only one pillar that links the two world.
No.2 – This Zombie World has multiple entrances. Therefore, there are many pillars that link these two worlds. All of the pillars are linked with human world’s trash can.
No.3 – This one is a completely new idea. The zombie world is separated into many small worlds. Each world has a pillar that links with the human world. There are not many zombies living in each world.

This is a sketch of the separated zombie world.

Other than just roots or rocks, there may be some crazy things on the ceiling of zombie world such as a house’s roof, a car, a dead tree, or a leaked sewer pipe.

Those crazy things may come from the landslide in the human world. Houses, cars, and trees are buried and flipped over. Then they ended up stuck on the ceiling of the zombie world.

This is the picture I posted earlier. In addition, I added lights from the ceiling.

That’s all I have for now.

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