Clothes for Human World

Here is the backs for the designs I did last time.  I’ve also included a dress for Aranya.  I thought a good contrast between her and the frilly fashionable girls would be to cover her up more and give her a basic color with a thicker feeling fabric.  I have a purple-blue version and a brown version.  I kind of like the brown version because she looks like she is wearing burlap. I wanted to go as simple as possible on the design.  She could also have a baggy sweater to hide her figure even more.  I was thinking the other human girls would wear frilly and bubbly things that still showed their feminine figure.  As a complete opposite Aranya wouldn’t do that.

Here is what I came up with for the bags.  The idea is that everyone has big colorful bubbly bags while Aranya doesn’t.  She has a small simple purse, with a dark color.   The other girls are more interested in showing off their large and bubbly-looking bags. Circles were the theme again because it is a never ending line and could represent flawless beauty, something everyone but Aranya wants to obtain.

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