3D Model for Halloween set

I made it in Sketch Up 8. I haven’t made it like a full-completed-architecture style.
I just create a simple set to get the picture of overall set areas.

Here’s the sketch one…

And this is a plan (top view) from the models. You can see the the middle area, which was a parking lot, now changes to the halloween party.

This is side view from looking outside (as if you’re on the opposite block). The left building is a mall, then next to it was an entrance to the parking lot, which has been blocked by the halloween party staffs 😀

The next one is the corner of the road which is the pawn shop. We’ve been discuss about how you can get inside this exclusive V.I.P party. It should be arranged by rich, spoiled, art people because to make a party this big, it requires a lot of money!

So, how does Mr. Zombut, who doesn’t know anything about this party except what Orm told him, go inside the party? First, he has to talk to the lottery seller, who will stand in front of the pawn shop and buy the lottery ticket from him.

Second, go inside and give the lottery ticket to the man who sits behind the bars. (Actually, when we want to sell something to pawn shop, we give it to them and receive money for exchange. This works the same way for party ticket.) If the lottery ticket has a right number on it, the man will give him a real ticket for join the party.

This one is a top vie of the party. The stage is on the left and the bar is on the right. The circle ing the middle is Ouija board as a dance floor. Zombut comes in from the bottom right hand side of the picture.

It’s going to be look like this when Zombut enters the party from the door in the center of the picture. (And those are glass-cup chairs :D)

Bar/Vine/Alcohol section…

The stage from Zombut’s point of view.

I’ll go draw some pictures for how to enter the party and fix the set sketches … so it can be easier to understand…

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