Human world concept

Here’s what I have for the human world. I thought it would be good to contrast it as much as possible with the zombie world. When I thought of the zombie world I thought more of chaos, decay, and boredom. Therefore the human world should be structured, strive for perfection, and be heavily detailed. I thought about the idea of associating happiness with image. I thought a lot about Aom an Madame Sunny  and possible extras and the need to look perfect all the time. I was thinking that in the human world, it is all about gaining attention and perfection. I used circles to represent this perfection, as something without corners and is completely the same no matter how you look at it. That took me to the concept of being “bubbly” or overly happy and image obsessed almost in a fake way. If everyone was concerned with their look then Aryanuna and Zumbat would stand out quite a bit. I designed a couple of outfits that went along with the idea of being bubbly, bright, overly happy, and still structured. A lot of pattern could be used as well to get this same effect. I tried to use bright colors to contrast with the dark colors the zombies would be more comfortable in. I kind of wanted the colors be bright enough that a zombie would burn up just by looking at it.
When looking at the buildings, I thought it might be interesting if the buildings got smaller the higher up they went, so they look taller and more impressive. The human world could be entirely about a “projected image,” or blatant facades. This would also contrast with the zombie world, because in that world things are harder to hide. They might use trash for other purposes, but there is not concealing that it was once trash. Everyone is rotting away and there isn’t much they can do to conceal it. In the human world, everyone has the ability to project whatever they want, and the ability to hide any flaws they might seem. It’s like comparing soil to plastic. The human world could have that feeling too, that everything is plastic and slightly fake.
I also thought it might be a little funny in a sad way if the windows in Zombats apartment were designed to look like a cage, almost as if he is trapped in his own little world and can only look out at Aom from his little window.

 Thanks for your time.

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