Shops details #1

From left to Right> Aom’s, Zombut’s, and Arunya..

This is my reference for the old house on the street

Klinic Kreme: selling kreme from Madam Sunny’s mall, ex. Young forever Kreme, and there’ll always a long line of queue.

This is supposed to be a huge TV shop..there’ll be lots of TVs displayed

The last one is meatballs shop..the very giant one


PS. Because in the Zombie world, everything seems old and dirty, so the human world should be like perfect too perfect but kinda like surrelism

  • There’ll a barbershop, which specialises in cutting dog’s hair.
  • a comic+toys shop, where all books arrange randomly
  • Antique shop
  • vintage clothing shop (for Arunya)
  • DVD shop (for Arunya as well)

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