Madam Sunny’s Mall entrance hall and her room

Madam Sunny Mall entrance hall: the entrance hall will fulfilled of lots of luxuries items, such as the statue of Egypt cat, luxury carpet which costs more than million dollars and even picture of herself. Moreover , there are also several trophies located behinds the carpet, the best mall of the year trophy,  the richest woman of the year trophy and the best mall concept of the year.

Madam Sunny’s room: In her room, I design the front door as a luxury wooden door, where there is a huge glass gothic art on the top which shows the life of a human in the Madam’s Sunny perspective. Born, old, pain, dead, reborn and immortal.

There is also a huge cabinet which covered with the glass. In the glass, it shows numerous type of human face. Which allows the customer to choose which type of face, he/her wants.

By the way, this week is the color pencil week

Reference of The Glass Gothic art

these are some examples of glass gothic art that I am talking about. We usually see it in a church.

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