Human World Layout

I’ve redrawn the human world layout again since we’ve been brainstormed for what it should be looked like, included all shops and characters’ houses.

this is the zoom up to Aom’s House, Zombut’s, and Arunya’s apartment.

(Pink) Aom’s house

  • First of all, let’s start with Aom’s house.
  • Aom’s house is a single big house on the street
  • Her room is located on the X mark
  • the lightest pink is her balcony

(Blue) Zombut’s Apartment

  • he has to walk into the small valley
  • his apartment is kinda old, and the cheapest around that arae
  • but he can watch Aom from his room perfectly.

(Yellow) Arunya’s apartment

  • Arunya’s apartment is better than Zombut.
  • they have car park
  • Arunya’s room has a balcony and locates in front of the building so that she can see where Zombut’s going.

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