Bing’s updates for the Zombie World…. again…

There are several new things that I came up with this week;

The first thing is the looks of the Zombie World. I think there should be trashes everywhere as Zombie pick them up from the dump and do not want to return it. Therefore, when they find no use of an item, they just drop it on the ground. As a result, the floor is full of trashes.

The next thing I come up with is something that is memorable for the audience. I came up with the pillar which has the tunnel entrance on it. As this pillar is going to be the center of the Zombie World, I put an air conditioner on top of it to keep this world cold. (So the zombie rots slower)

This is the very first sketch that makes me come up with the pillar idea.

This is what can be seen at the Zombie World’s Ceiling
1) Sunlight that successfully makes it way to the Zombie World.
2) Rocks (or soils) falling from the ceiling. (It happens not very often)
3) Water drops that comes from human’s leaked pipes.
4)  Tree’s roots. As Zombie World is very deep underground, so I may remove these roots
I think Zombie World should be around 20 km. deep.

This is how the Zombie World looks like in my mind for now.

References about Layers of Soils:

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