New set sketches for Halloween Party

According to my previous sketches which the party located in the middle of abandoned buildings, I decide to push it a little further. I want to make the set more realistic. I want the audience to be able to notice which kind of shop was used to be in these buildings.

I chose a pawn shop because it feels a bit scary when it becomes abandon. Moreover, Thai pawn shop is different from American’s because it was founded by Chinese people who emigrated to Thailand.
So I decide to create an abandoned section which has a pawn shop at the corner on an intersection as the picture below.

The left one is an overall picture looking from above and the right one is a plan for this area. I was thinking how can I make this area needs the empty space in the middle of the buildings (because it’d be so weird if there’s an useless space out there). I put a big mall around one and a half edge with a parking lot in the middle. The entrance for the parking lot is between the mall and the pawn shop. Next to the pawn shop is a gold shop and an apartment. *All of these buildings are abandoned*

The pawn shop will be use for the entrance of the party (so, the entrance for car park will be blocked). I have the interest reference of thai pawn shop on the corner which will make this intersection have uniqueness.

Here’s the final sketch of the intersection,

As you can see, it’s not a sharp edge at the corner but it’s more like a cut to make the pawn shop looks bigger.

For the font and color of the pawn shop sign, “โรงรับจำนำ”, I want to make it white and red like the typical ones 🙂

And I think the door for entrance and exit should be separate to make it cool! 😀

Once, we go inside, there’s a place for selling tickets and check the tickets before going through the door behind and join the party. In this area, it was made from what the pawn shop looked like in the past.


I wonder if this idea works … ?

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