Zombie World Updates

There are several ideas about the zombie world that I have come up with. There are ideas about reapers, Zombie World ceiling, Zombie World season, and the tunnel.

Reapers are produced by the God of Death. Their main duty is to bring unwanted corpses to the Zombie World.

Here are optional choices for other duty for reapers.
1) Bringing unwanted corpses to the zombie world is their only duty.
2) They are also the Zombie World’s security.

This is the ground between the Human World and the Zombie World. (Human world’s ground on the top and Zombie World’s ceiling at the bottom)

If the tree falls, it becomes a hole. Therefore, light can goes into the Zombie World.

Reapers are the one to fix those holes.

These are seasons in the Zombie World. There are three seasons like in Thailand, which are Summer, Rain and Winter. (Oops, I forgot the “t” in my picture.)
I have done some more research, and I figured out that what I drew is wrong. In summer, soil expands itself, so there should be less light in the Zombie World. In winter, soil expands itself, so there should be more light in the Zombie World. Another season is rain. If it is raining in the human world, it rains in the Zombie World, too. However, rain in the Zombie World is muddy as it comes from rain that goes through many layers of soils.

It is very hot in the Zombie World, especially in summer. Therefore, reapers create air conditioners out of trashes and stick it everywhere in the Zombie World.

This one is the tunnel to the Human World. As he goes near the Human World, there is more light. Light makes Zombies rot faster. Therefore, there are many dead zombies near the Human World entrance as they cannot make it to their destinations. With this obstacle, I think it is not necessary to have reapers guarding the hole in the Zombie World.


That’s all I have for now.

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