Characters – Update

Hello! I hope everyone’s been doing well. This week, I decided that since I’m unable to make it to the meeting tonight, I was just going to stick to updated character designs. I didn’t want to start tackling the bigger stuff (like the zombie sky) until I could be there to talk with people about it. But right now – in regards to that – I’m juggling an idea that involves something similar to Karen’s image and my research on plate tectonics.

Anyways, I’ve come up with characters for 4 – I meant to also do the Elderly Zombie, but ran out of time.

Madame Sunny

After hearing the discussion regarding her design, I tried to take in account someone with the following attributes: age cannot be determined, symmetrical but uncomfortably put together, indication of surgery and fixing. I thought it’d be good for Madame Sunny to have a very polished look – tight, yet professional clothing. I figured someone who is constantly putting herself together would be very meticulous in her appearance. So here is the design I came up with:

Updated Zombat

After looking around at Emo-style clothing, I tried to find articles that would cover up his entire body without being obvious that he was trying to cover his body.  So I researched jackets and pants, giving him a dark wardrobe so he can blend into the background. I preferred this style over my other two ideas because I think that it goes better with an emo-zombie narrative.

Updated Aranya:

I was trying to find clothing that would indicate that she had been in the zombie world for a while – rags and tattered clothing – and I was inspired by some of Bing’s sketches regarding Aranya. I wanted her to be timid and covered (for same reasons as Zombat) and like someone you could easily walk past without realizing it.

Update Orm:

I initially struggled with balancing cuteness and beauty regarding Orm’s appearance. I thought it would look nice to do pigtails, but I didn’t want it to be pigtails like “head cheerleader in teen movie”… So I went for a more styled approach, which I though suited her in regards to her vain nature.

This is all I have this week and I’m sorry I won’t be able to make it t the meeting tonight!

– Lindsey

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