[Natcha] Halloween Theme and Set

We agree to use the “Fake Black Magic” theme for the party and it’s located at abandoned buildings. 2 of my designs are located outdoors and another one is indoor.

I try to combine and adjust those Thai beliefs and foreign’s beliefs together.
What I have now for the party are;
1) On the floor, there’s painted with an Ouija board picture. One can be French’s and dance floor can be Thai’s. I’m thinking about having a furniture inside as a glass chair and a coin table in order to link it to Ouija board. Here are references

2) there will be voodoo dolls, it can be several dolls or just a big attractive one.
Not only a doll, but there’ll be ghost shadows (made from sticker or just painted) on the walls.

3) Moreover, I wanna add the Thai talismans, or the mystic symbol on the wall to make it feel more like we’re in Thailand. However, this can be use to make a quite unique costume for character as well.

4) I’m not sure if it’s would be good if I use Thai instruments and dolls in a set… There are a lot of scary story about them if we don’t use it properly. Anyway, it can be just standing still for props in the set.

5) There could be an activity which have tools for trying dangerous things, like magic tool. For example, the fake knifes or needles that can make it looks like it’s stabbing through your skins. This idea comes from the belief of Thai talisman, which they said that if one own this, one cannot be harm and powerful. It can be in a section with the talismans in (3).


These 2 are outdoor parties but it’s arranged in the space between abandoned buildings area.

You can see that I try to adjust the German Expressionism into my sketches. I have the reference picture from The Cabinet of Dr. Caligori. It’s quite fun for me when I start to understand its concept. I can make the art looks more dark like in the movie but I chose not to. The reason is it would be to dark to see any details of the buildings or to hard too understand where the location is.

I use candle lights for decoration, spot lights for the stage, and color lights to mix them together to give a feel of party.

Another one is indoor party which held inside the 3-floors building with a big hole on the top of the roof, which comes from the electric pole fell and crashed. You can see that I’m using graffitis in every picture, it’s because of I’ve seen many abandoned buildings with cool graffitis in Bangkok. They comes with many words; Thai, English, and numbers which I think they’re some kinds of their signatures. I also have the safety constructing walls around the building as many places have.

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1 Response to [Natcha] Halloween Theme and Set

  1. thestiltsofdeath says:

    I just have to say, even though I’m not on the Halloween Scene, these are beautiful with amazing perspective.

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