Color Script/Scene #3 Zombie World

Hey everyone! I have a few things to show before Monday. First, I’ve been working on a Color Script for the Zombie world and I came up with the following:

I was thinking really desaturated colors, with a tint of a burgundy. When I was thinking of Zombies, I usually associate it with a cooler pallet, like cold blues and light greys. However, I was also thinking about how so much of their lives is in this secluded place and I thought about the muddy-kind of red dirt found in the (or, at least where I’ve seen it) Midwest of the US. I thought an undertone of this color would work well with people slowing disintegrating.

Also, I was assigned the scene where Aranya gives Zombat a cloak before he enters the human world, which I styled similarly to the color script.

In this, I pictured a really dark place with only shadows with the tunnel to the human world being the only light source, to give it a more dramatic effect.

I was working on finals of Zombat, Aranya, and Orm, as well as my study of the logo, but unfortunately I ran out of time. I might try to finish the character designs before tomorrow, but I don’t think I’ll get to it in time for our meeting.

Let me know what you guys think!

– Lindsey

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1 Response to Color Script/Scene #3 Zombie World

  1. Fernnye says:

    whaooo i really like this colour script
    look intense lonely, but a little of hope!

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