Bing’s new design for Zombies and their world.

Here are some developments of my zombie world. In addition, I have also worked on background zombies, so it is easier to understand how zombies live in my idea.

The first one is the basic atmosphere of the Zombie World in my opinion. The sky is dark, but there is a soft light. Colors in this world are desaturated color.

The next one is Zombie’s clothes that they create from trashes which are sent from the human world. Some zombies dress related to what they were in the past. For example, the dead cleaner use a trash bag as his dress. Some zombies dress related to their cause of death. For example, the zombie is dead because of the banana peel accident, so he wears a banana peel as his hat.

Some zombies make their own shelters or create things to entertain themselves. Most things are created from trashes. For example, a dead otaku (Japanese manga/anime maniac) made his own shelter from comic pages. One zombie created a ring tossing game from a bottle and leftovers of Crispi Creem (I use different name, so please don’t sue me).

These are zombies’ activities in a boring zombie world. Some zombies are satisfied in doing nothing. Some lonely zombies make their own friends from rocks. Some trade their own body parts with others when they are in need. Lastly, the most popular game in the zombie world; The Worm Race. Each player picks a worm out of his/her body and make it race with others’ worms. The player wins if his/her worm gets to the goal first. He/She gets a body part from losers. (It’s gambling!!!)

Next is the new design for reapers, which are not in the original story. Other than the normal reaper that we all know, I try to design new ones with human faces. However, they covered their eyes with sunglasses to keep them look mysterious. My favorite design is the one on the right. This design looks like they are employees of some kind of organization which really suit to what they are in my opinion.

The last one is an art showing the overall of the zombie world from the rough sketch to the rough colored one. It is very rough colored, and it doesn’t look like the basic atmosphere I posted earlier much. However, I want to show what I really see first before moving forward in developing it.

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