Fern_Sketch Thumbnails-Human world group

Hi, so this is Human World group meeting..we decide to post our quick sketch thumbnails on the blog.. First of all, I’ve just realized that when I was in America, I haven’t seen any walkover crossing bridge..saw only zebra crossing.. so here’s Thailand’s walkover crossing bridge.

I have come up with the new idea for the running scene.. I put more German expressionism in it..so the place has set on the walkover bridge..(< I don’t even know how to call it in English, sorry)

My second sketch is for Sombut first arrives in Human world, I also put some distorted shape according from the German expressionism.

After Skype meeting on Thursday, we’ve been discussed about where should the party be held, one of the ideas is an abandoned building, here is a building I’ve found in Bangkok.

So that the idea is in the Party, Sombut sits alone on the edge of the abandoned building

These are all my scenes! Look forward for feedback and comments!

Thanks, Fern


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