Character Designs/Palette Idea

Okay, first of all, I realized I never thanked you guys for the WONDERFUL translation of the book! Oh my goodness, it was so great of you to do. You guys = Awesome, just sayin’.

Anyway, I did some quick character designs of Zombat, Aranya, and Orm just to try and get the feel of the characters. At the bottom, I’ll describe what I was thinking palette-wise. I only say that because I did these drawing with my small marker collection, so it was a relatively limited palette…


I was trying to go off of the emo-look, but when I was reading the script, it sounded like (since he was constantly putting himself together) he may have looked a little metrosexual? So I tried first an emo look, then a more polished emo look…

Unfortunately, my knowledge of the emo look is only what I’ve seen in pictures or heard, so I’d have to do a bit more research…


After reading descriptions, Aranya felt like a very classical, “old soul” sort of girl, one with limited color, even outside the Zombie world, so she could blend into the shadows more.


Since Orm is supposed to be cute, I kinda struggled with what she would look like, only because it seemed like it would have to be a vapid, narcissistic cuteness… Something to which is difficult to pin down, clothing-wise. Disregard the insane palette on the second one… I didn’t even realize; PRIMARY COLORS. It was the colors I had around me at the time and wow… bright.

As for the palette, I have a thought which may be completely off base. But I was thinking about the zombie world and the disintegration of their bodies and how they slowly lose their humanity as they fall apart. It made me wonder if something could be done palette-wise to describe that. So, I’m going to bring up the digital-paint I already posted to illustrate this:

The only saturated element of the palette idea is the eye. I was trying to color-associate each character and it got me thinking; what if each character had a color? A color that is the undertone of them (i.e. skin, how they dress, and how they “feel”). For example, Aranya felt like amber to me (warm and cold at the same time). So in the palette, She would have traces of amber coloring on her throughout the film, but as she slowly disintegrates, less and less amber shows with the replacement of grayscale. I haven’t had time to develop a color script for this idea, but I would like it if you think it’d be helpful.

Then again, I could not be making sense at all.

Oh, and finally, I did a profile of my previous sketch from last week, specifically for Fern – tell me if this is what you’re thinking! I was thinking a dark palette with a silhouetted body, but a bright light creating a “silver lining” on his face to reveal some details…


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