Zombie World/Rules

Well, I started with some Rules for the Zombie world, so I begin with this sketch:

I’ve come with a few rules of the world I was thinking:

* The human world and the Zombie world aren’t in different space, they’re in the same space, just in different dimensions. The human world is super saturated, bright and loud, whereas the zombie world is dark, dank, and quiet. The combination of the two created the world as we know it – a mix of the two. I mess around with a picture of Mt. Rainer in Washington to illustrate this:


This shows the general idea I was thinking: Humans = Saturated, Zombies = Desaturated, and since they’re on the same plane, it creates the palette as we see it.

* Since the zombie world and the human world are intertwined, it allows zombies to “feel” bits of their human life, those who’ve touched them and made an impact on their life. For example, if Zombat was sitting in the Zombie world and in the human world, Orm walked by, he could feel the connection briefly. I did a quick illustration to show this idea:


* This also works vice-versa, sorta the same idea of that people ‘feel’ loved ones they’ve lost in certain places – they’re on the same plane, but in different dimensions.

* The pipes and tubings are sort of a spiderweb throughout the world. I haven’t had an opportunity to sketch this, but I will when I can.

* There are different levels to the zombie world, since it’s not hindered by the usual forces that the human world is. (i.e. the zombies that are closest to disintegration are at the bottom) The reason for this is because, they’re falling apart and cannot pick themselves back up to the higher levels of the world. Sort of the same idea of underwater fish. The ones you never see, but are definitely the most frightening are at the bottom. The cuter, “more human” fish live at the top.

Well, that’s what I got so far! I’ve been also working character designs for Zombat, Orm, and Aranya, which I should have up before our meeting Wednesday! Please tell me what you think and talk to you soon!

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1 Response to Zombie World/Rules

  1. cattysnap says:

    I really like your ideas about the moods between the human and zombie worlds, and I actually thought up an idea similar to it yesterday that might go well with it. I was thinking that the two worlds ought to have different colours and moods to tell them apart, but as the story progresses and Zombat falls more and more apart, the human world becomes more and more similar to the zombie world, sort of like a symbolic count down.

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